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What Are Swooper Flags?

A Swooper Flag is a tall advertising flag. They are typically found outside of restaurants, auto dealerships, and other retail locations. They range from 10 to 21 feet tall and are made from flag material. A Swooper Flag relies on wind and can be an excellent tool to give any business or organization more visibility.

Swooper Flags are similar to our Feather Flag, but with a few key differences:

  • The Swooper Flag is shaped slightly different than the classic feather flag, and is reliant on wind to unfurl and fully display the message or design.

  • The entire flag material on a Swooper Flag flutters in the wind.

  • The Swooper Flag has metallic streamers attached to the top of the flag that fly with the wind and garners the attention of all who pass by.

Why use a Swooper Flag?

A Swooper Flag is perfect for any organization that is looking to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps your location is in a congested area with a lot of other businesses. A Swooper Flag combines eye-catching colors with captivating movements to garner the attention of the passersby. Or perhaps your location is set back a bit from the road and you need a roadside presence to attract customers. A Swooper Flag is a great way to get the attention of people passing and inform them what type of organization you are.

Pro and cons of a Swooper Flag: Swooper Flags are the ultimate attention-getter of all the advertising flags. They are tall, flutter in the wind, and having three metallic streamers attached at the top makes them even more noticeable. Pros:

  • Large in size for maximum exposure

  • Eye-catching metallic streamers

  • Durable under many weather conditions

  • Portable with convenient fiberglass ground stake

  • Fully customizable with messaging on both sides


  • Wind-reliant

  • Not suitable for small spaces

How to advertise using Swooper Flags Swooper Flags are ideal for roadside advertisements. Their immense size makes them noticeable and the graphics they display are easy to read. These flags are ideal for denoting your location, featuring brands carried, advertising a sale, and much more. Swooper Flags are meant to be attention-getters, so your message should be something that is useful and interesting to people who have never visited your location.

Organizations should consider who they are targeting first and design their flag based on that. Advertising brands that are carried at a retail location may be useful, but a broader message about what type of products you carry may be more beneficial to catch the attention of people who have never visited you before. The message on your flag should be a combination of what your organization wants to tell customers and what will get customers in the door. The science behind Swooper Flags We all know that a flag waving in the wind is more noticeable than one that isn’t, but why is that? To understand, we must understand how the eye works. The retina is located in the back of the eyeball and contains millions of nerve cells that detect light, called rods and cones. They get their names from their literal shape. Cones are located in the center of the eyeball and detect clear details and colors. Rods are located on the outside of the retina and detect motion. When you notice something out of the corner of your eye, it’s your rods at work.

Custom Swooper Flags are an excellent marketing tool because they are able to gain the attention of people through both rods and cones. The bright colors, custom graphics, and sheer size of a Swooper Flag gets a person’s attention through their cones. The metallic streamers waving in the wind will be seen initially by a person’s rods. They will detect the motion of the streamers out of the corner of their eye, and then turn to look at what the movement was, focusing their eyes on the Swooper Flag.

Conclusion Swooper Flags are a great way to win the attention of anyone passing by your location. Whether your organization operates in a metropolitan or rural space, a Swooper Flag may be the signage solution best equipped to help you reach your goals.

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