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• 17"×10-3/4"
• 10-point Yellow or White stock

• 50 red pull tabs
• Packaged 1 board



The Snooper Booster is great for service technicians and service writers. Most managers will allow a tab to be pulled for up selling tickets or add-on sales. Usually one pull for every so many dollars (such as 1 pull for every $100). It is always an $85.00 payout plus the jackpot. The jackpot is determined by the department manager. The $85.00 is paid in these payouts: 29 @ $1.00; 13 @ $2.00; 5 @ $3.00; 3 @ $5.00. When all pulls are complete, the jackpot strip is pulled and will reveal a number between 1 & 50. The name that is on that line wins the jackpot.



“Creative” is the key word. This is a great board for both service and sales. The service department can use lower values and sales can use higher values since they are selling bigger tickets. In some cases the values can be changed every day according to the sales needs for the period! Under each pull-off there is a letter. Either a “C”(36), “A”(9), “S”(4), or “H”(1). The department manager determines the values of these, either for the whole board or daily.

Incentive Cash Boards