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Great way to show customers that you care about their vehicle. Protects vehicle while being serviced and eliminates the need for costly cleanups. These seat covers minimize the transfer of dirt from one vehicle to another. These high quality seat covers are recyclable.


• 2-layer construction
• Construction insures seat cover stays in place
• Will not shift or bunch up like single layered seat covers


Standard Seat Cover
100 .5 mil – 500 per roll
101 Master Carton – 2 rolls of 500 per carton



Premium Seat Cover
102 .7 mil – 250 per roll
103 .7 mil – 250 folded per box
105 Master Carton – 2 rolls of 250 per carton

W 42"L×32"W


Heavy Duty Seat Cover 
104 1 mil – 200 per roll


Slip-N-Grip Brand Seat Covers

PriceFrom $63.54


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