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All of these vehicle washout records are standard industry printed forms, front and back. Six styles to choose from. Keyhole punched for binder storage. A convenient and organized way to keep vehicle information.

• 10-3/8"×7-1/2"

• 28# Green tint

• Packaged 50 per pack


Don't Forget Your Vehicle Inventory Records Binder! 

Keeps your vehicle inventory records secure and in order. These binders will work with all of the Vehicle Inventory Records shown above.

• 12-3/4"×9"
• Three 1 ̋ diameter rings 

• Packaged 1 per pack


790 (Form DSA-542-85)

791 (Form A-542)

792 (Form A-532)

793 (Form GM-532)

794 (Form 1204)

795 (Form 1204-A)

Vehicle Inventory Records

PriceFrom $10.06